Happy Anniversary!

Curiosities, Making

Today is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary! We’re spending it putting the finishing touches on our house. Early this spring we had siding installed, and now two of my guys are replacing the old, damaged wood with gorgeous new cedar! We think we’re going to stain it a weathered grey. Why fight what it will do naturally? We also relandscaped, and I still have to repaint some areas that were black, white…What a job, but it’s finally complete!




Swatch ‘Em…

Curiosities, Making

I was just thinking of the Swatch Watches when I was typing that. I was in HS in the Eighties, and totally LOVED Swatch…Anyhoo, I’m just showing off my knitting swatches right now…You remember all the cowls I was knitting in early Spring? Well, I needed to graduate to something with a little more complexity…I’ll post these periodically, lucky you! ; )