Drumroll Please….

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I don’t know how to type a drumroll, so imagine it in your head, then big finish with a cymbal! Tada! The winners are Gina and Eric! Yay!! Let me know if you’d like Fingerprint Fabulous, or Fashion Origami and I’ll get it out most quicklike…You can DM me through Twitter or email me your address…Btw, Friday I rec’d the latest book where my prints appear: Fabulous Flowers! It’s in stores and Amazon now, let me know if you see it! : )

This weekend was productive for me, I hope it was for you too! I emptied the top of my work table: so many magazines to tear apart, sort through and file references! I also added a few more reference bins to my widening array, Lifestyles (for various seasons) and Layout & Backgrounds. The latter came from the Natl Geo that was sitting on our table (and the book I just pre-ordered from Amazon last week). Backgrounds are always a challenge for me, and I think having a ref bin that I can just go to on any day when I want to doodle, and try my hand at differnent environments, would be a great exercise on a regular basis.

I also made a little room for a new acquisition: The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean~Stranger Tides…So excited!! These books have all materialized on this shelf since Christmas…I have a serious problem, and could never own a Kindle or Nook or iPad instead of all these. Of course I could “in addition to…”  ; )

6 thoughts on “Drumroll Please….

  1. Wow, Andi! You are so organized- that is fantastic! I just love the labels you have for all your bins! Have you considered “The Andi Butler Organization Sticker/Label Collection?” You could totally give Martha Stewart a run for her money…

  2. Hooray! I’m so excited to get one of your books. You made my day Andi. Oh my, look at all that organization – it’s quite impressive! I desperately need to do the same with my inspiration mags, you’ve inspired me to get to it. Thank you so much for the giveaway – I’ll DM you my info.

  3. I’m impressed at how organized you are… And yes, you should get a kindle. That way you can read all of your paperback fiction on it so you can make more room on your shelves for art books 🙂

  4. Thanks so much ladies! Clear plastic shoebins, they’re lifesavers! The labels are just printed with Bleeding Cowboy font, then I used a corner punch for each corner and taped to the inside with packing tape! ; )

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