Need A Little Noise?

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I often have difficulty working without some kind of noise. While overall I like the house quiet, I need something rhythmic to keep me focused on what I’m working on. That sounds nutty, I know, how can a distraction keep me focused? I don’t know if it’s different parts of my brain or what, but for the past year, I’ve found that listening to This American Life podcast, while I work, improves my productivity. It’s the combination of soft-spoken storytelling, and the fact that I don’t have to think of a reply. I’m listening, but I know I don’t have to remember it (which ironically, I do remember these stories better than I remember audiobooks I listen to, sometimes). So I thought I’d pass that along. I know you all have music or sports that you might listen to, esp in the wee hours when you’re creating away. But I know for me, singing can be too much of a distraction, and classical music can put me to sleep, so this is kind of a happy medium. And, I get to listen to some great stories, told by wonderful storytellers (Middle School is a person favorite), love Ira Glass… You can subscribe here

2 thoughts on “Need A Little Noise?

  1. Podcasts help me work, as well! I’ve been listening to the same guys from the DC area since I was in high school and they were on the radio. When I’m writing, though, it has to be music. Listening to words while I’m writing messes me up.

  2. I can imagine, with the writing! Podcasts and audiobooks are helping me stay updated with everyone that has time to read! I’ll get back to that one day, until then, these will keep me company! : )

    a : )

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