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I’m barely keeping up with my Twitter, Linked In and Facebook. But I have good reasons!


Did I tell you about the Ultimate Guide to Repeats? Michelle Fifis, who runs the blog PATTERNOBSERVER, offers the workshop. This session, she (and Chelsea) added a bootcamp with a critique. I, along with two other industry professionals, were invited to offer critiques to students. We were in fact, their clients and the students needed to go through the process of submitting rates, asking questions and completing the work. Prior to the bootcamp, students go through the process of learning repeats in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, along with industry practices in the print market. It’s a fantastic course, and I highly recommend it! Even if you create prints, knowing the technical repeat process and why it’s that way just makes you that much more skillful and marketable. It ain’t just duplicating! I will also be involved in the next session, which starts October 28th, so do check it out if you can! For former students, if you have questions after your session is over, I’m happy to answer them!

Also, our elementary secured a grant from Target through our terrific PTO. The money is for ART ONLY. 2K!! Yes!! So the Get Smart With Art program is underway. Another elementary in our district came up with the title, and a designer I’m working with on the program designed the logo, isn’t it terrific (see below)?! We’re putting together some amazing sessions for our kids, and I’m so happy that I can be a part of it (I’ve wanted this for so long)! Art is so important to a child’s education, it’s more than just drawing and painting. It’s analyzing, problem solving and honing instincts. It’s discovery, and those ‘ah-ha’ moments historically have given us amazing things, discovered or invented by accident: corn flakes, microwaves, silly putty, post its, potato chips, and Playdoh! In order to keep doing these things, our kids have to be able to ‘play’ and make stuff. They have to know it’s okay to take risks, and fail, and try again. That’s the sweet spot where innovation is! I’m so, so excited. I’ve made two videos so far, and a very extensive recap newsletter that’s all digital. The parents will receive it through our virtual backpack on the school website, and I’m filling the PDF will all sorts of hyperlinks they can follow to stay in the loop with what we’re teaching the students. I plan to make 3 or 4 more videos/newsletters, it’s so much easier to show kids visually, and let their brains use that information rather than someone rigidly instructing them (at least at this age). ; ) I’ve added a photo of what the newsletter’s first page will look like…

I just received the temporary tattoos I’d designed for Gumtoo. They’re for Halloween and I really enjoyed working with them. What I loved the most? That they took my art the way it was, not putting me in a little box of what they needed. I’m always amazed at ADs who do that: hire an artist and then ask them to draw differently than what was on their site. Hire the artist you want, don’t try to change the one you hire. The results will not be quite what you’re after…

And lastly, while I can’t go into too much detail, I’ve been invited to showcase my work on a couple of inspirational vids through I’m super grateful and excited to see how they turn out!

Other things: website. YES! I’ve finally been able to get images to the hubs to finish it! OMG I can’t believe it. I had fallen behind so much, and I so desperately didn’t want to use old work. So there is some old, and some new, until I can finish the new pieces I’m working on. I didn’t want a gallery like everyone else has, so of course that took some finagling…I’m thinking before Chompsgiving I will be very happy and relieved…We also did visit the Charley Harper exhibit locally, and it was brilliant! We spent time in Michigan over the weekend, and visited the Henry Ford Museum. It’s such an amazing museum full of innovation history, and art. Of course I’ve added some photos : )

I just want to say too, thanks for all the likes on my FB page, and following me on Twitter, even connecting on LinkedIn. It’s so appreciated, you don’t even know. While there are some caveats, I love that our kids can grow up in such a global age, and there’s so much diversity…It’s fantastic!






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