This year, I’m trying to make as many gifts as possible. Well, I mean, not that I’m making a lot of gifts, but all the gifts I’m giving to my friends and family, I want to make them. I’m not cheaping out, on the contrary, it’s actually cheaper to just buy something sometimes, when you factor in the time you’re spending making it. But that’s just it, I want to spend the time, and, I want them to have something no one else has, or can have. It my way to let them know how much they mean to me. One of my good friends has a birthday in March, I wanted to make her a cowl (she knits too) but also a set of notebooks for sketches and doodles and whatnot. I found a tutorial here and highly recommend you try it! I made my husband one for Valentine’s Day and he was impressed (which made me think “do you not know what I can do”)! I have a series of process photos below, but the final one is from my friend’s Instagram, I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished book!