Newly Painted Workshop…

Creative Self, Making

I do all my brainstorming, sewing, x-actoing, pasting, gluing, running, painting in this room. I’ll be painting my studio as well, but there will be some things being built in there so that will wait until Spring. I LOVES this color. I used to love the paint, but, without rehashing my Twitter rant, let’s just say you should stay with what works and I’ll be going back to Ben Moore for my studio (and the ceiling). This color though, proves if you see a color you like out in the world, match it to something. I go for darker colors by nature, but if I had bought what I thought the color was, I would have had a yellow. This color though, is actually an orange: Autumn Morn. Always match “that thing in the color I love” to an actual swatch, you’d be surprised!