Oldies But Goodies!

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Just finding time to post has been really challenging as of late. Between paying jobs and trying to find time to get a promo done (fall didn’t happen, likely not Christmas either)I have no time for personal projects, which is really disappointing… I am still making Halloween costumes though, will I get mine done? I doubt it! In the meantime, I thought I’d share some work that I’d done in the past few years. I’d actually forgotten some of them, and with a lot of my reference, and work, accidently deleted, I was so happy to find these in the depths of my Mac!

Puzzlers-Highlights for Children

Houghton Mifflin

Leo’s Dancewear (I created the prints on the shoes, and they sent me a pair!)

Christmas Gift Card – Tesco

Usborne Books

Poetry Illustration-Pearson Learning

So, I Took Some Photos…

Creative Self, Curiosities

I was taking photos of textures in my yard. There are lots of really nice ones as we’ve got the wood fences and the deck. Not as much rusted out metal as I’d like, but there’s plenty around town that I’ll get to eventually. I am so lucky that I could borrow textures from others over the years, I’m going to return the favor! Here are ten little lovelies, hope you like them : ) These are just the lo res, the hi res are here!

a : )

A Little Autumn, Too…

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I’d showed you the Holiday board I did last week (I’ll be covering the reverse with winter/Hanukkah themes as well) and this weekend I worked on Fall/Halloween. I don’t know why I didn’t do these before, it’s making my job easier as far as brainstorming ideas! When you look at all your tears, and the colors actually out there in the fall, it’s more than just orange and gold. I was pretty surprised with the bright colors from the reference I have! Still, I did want a traditional black and orange Halloween one too…Again, iPhone quality, not the greatest, but didn’t feel like pulling out the Nikon…

Holiday Inspiration…

Illustration, Print & Patternwork

I made a Holiday board today, and this is just reds and greens, I should do blues on the other side! I still need to create one for Halloween, and Thanksgiving. These are done in creative depts all the time, to cover color or trends, over many different product markets, and easier to convey ideas to merchants visually. For me, I just need clear thought and my stuff “out” of my bins! ; ) I apologize for the poor quality, iPhone snapshot…