Madman With A Box

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Just a quick update regarding what’s on my needles right now. And I mean needles, lots of them, because I have several projects going at one time. The irony is, I’m a process knitter, which usually doesn’t jive with project knitting, or at least, the idea of project knitting. However, the reason I have many projects going is probably the same reason people have a different book they’re reading in each room (one of our old school’s media center gals did this), there are different “flavors” for different reasons. I keep several projects going, because, I have social knitting (what I’d take to a knitting lunch or waiting in a pick-up line or an appointment) and non-social knitting, where I can’t be distracted while I’m working on it. So, I have a 1×1 rib Purl Soho Boyfriend Hat for my son to use up my sock yarn stash,

a mistake rib throw for my son (it’s completely great tv project),

and a non pattern scarf for social, and Madman With A Box, Goode and

a Knit Picks Santa Pillow for home.

Here’s a bit of the Madman neckwarmer, I’ve ripped it back three times and it’s not even complicated, but color work is a bugger, and finding and correcting mistakes early is pretty important! And, this pattern has a section on the chart that is not symmetrical, so I really have to pay attention. I knit color work inside out, so I get that little bit of extra length in the floats, which takes a little getting used to, but way worth it. This is for a friend of Owen’s (he has a few friends who are Whovians) and I really enjoy knitting these patterns up. I’d also made a, INSULATE! Dalek Hat for another friend, he loved it, and it’s why I knit for friends of my kid. Sometimes, they’re more appreciative than adults.

a : )



Sweet Little Life


John Burroughs wrote, “What a severe yet master artist old Winter is…. No longer the canvas and the pigments, but the marble and the chisel.” Describes winter perfectly in the Midwest. I start seeds, indoors, every spring. After a frigid, marblesque winter (even though it wasn’t terrible this past year) I have a need to get my hands in dirt. The smell of the seed mix is really therapeutic, and going through the routine of planning, and researching and planting helps me practice mindfulness (which really helps me with stress). This year, I’d started them a bit later, and ironically, this is the most that have survived: varieties and volume! I really can’t plant them outside until after Memorial Day. I was supposed to make covers over our hoops to act as greenhouses, but I just didn’t get to it. Not completely my fault, in two weeks I’ll have a HS Freshman…My mind is all over the place. *heavy sigh*


Zinnias and Emily Basil

Teeny Monarda (Bee Balm, they’re all there, they’re just hard to see until the leaves open)

Peppers (four varieties)

Geraniums and Cilantro 

Tomatoes (six heirloom varieties)

Zinnias (eight varieties)

Marigolds (two varieties)

Purple Opal Basil 


One tiny Nemesia

Lettuce (two varieties, direct sow)

Beets (three varieties, direct sow)

Our chives. This guy has been with us for 24 years! Came from our first house, all the way from Michigan. ❤️

What’s Happening?

Creative Self

The last time I’d posted, was September of last year, and what a different world we were living in! I’d spent so much time on our school’s musical, and getting swept up in the 24 hour news tornado, enjoying the holidays and spending time with my family, I wasn’t making time for my blog, site or personal projects. I’d even started revamping my website, but I got quite a bit of work at the same time. Why does it work out that way? I’m not complaining, certainly, but I’m not great at getting back into my own groove after an assignment. My bad. I didn’t even have time to make a New Year’s Goal, yet I’d committed to the 100 Day Project… I have four drawings done. Four. Everyone else is on like day 28. So hello May, it’s nice to see you again, I hope you can motivate me to keep my commitments and follow through on things! I’m not going to pile fifty photos on this post of what I’ve been up to since the fall (feel free to check out my Instagram), but I will put this little drawing from exactly two months ago, and going forward, will make more time to post. Also, folks have asked about my textures, so I will be making some available, gratis, in the upcoming months.