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Everyone knows I LOVE Design Seeds, no, ADORE them…My staff creative career was print and pattern work for apparel for a decade and a half, so I’m used to (even take great pleasure in) working in limited palettes. Every day DS sends me (and a million other people) two to four palettes with photographs those palettes were pulled from. They’re fantastic inspiration, and as most creatives know, when you have limits on your creativity, you’re actually more creative than if someone says “do whatever you want.” Did I mention I love working with limited palattes? Please see my post on the Box of Awesome that I received from, also a limited palette… AND a completmentary palette…It’s amazing that I am still coherent with all that color love! Photo: Design Seeds

People also know that I love mash ups…All kinds of mash ups…The Chewie/Han as Pooh/Christopher Robin is my favorite : ) For a while I was even creating some Ryan Gosling birthday mash up memes, for my friends, and I’d post them on their FB walls…As you may have guessed, I have quite a healthy sense of humor… Photo:

Everyone ALSO knows that I LOVE The Walking Dead. I love it…No, I ADORE it…I would freak my mom out every time I brought Fangoria home when I was young, um, young-ER…If she never hears Nightbreed or Hellraiser again it will be too soon. It’s only natural I would gravitate to this fantastic series now that I’m more…um, mature…Season 3 starts Sunday (at 9 here in Chicago) on AMC, and I just can’t contain myself..So, in an effort to sink my teeth into something before the premiere, it wasn’t a stretch at all that I would take two things I really love: color and gore, and do a bit of a mash up…I hope you like them (The last one is a bit gross, maybe NSFW)… ; )  Zombie photos:

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