I Have All The Apples…



When I was young, I was very opinionated. Now that I’m older I’m even more so, but I’m more judicious with whom I share. Mainly because I grew tired with peers who were complacent, and frustrated with peers who were afraid. People should try harder, do what’s right, take a risk, break a rule. “Don’t upset the apple cart” they’d say. Whose apple cart? I say, what if I have all the apples?


Floral Feline Warm Up…


My sons are home from school for the third day in a row. I wish it were for snow, but it’s for the temps. We can’t even go out and play, it’s so wickedly frigid! I have a deadline as well, but it’s far enough out that I will have more than enough time to make it. So today, rather than get frustrated that I can’t get done what I “need” to, I’m just drawing other things and enjoying the fact Mom Nature has decided to make some decisions for me. A little La Conga Blicoti and ten minutes later I’ve got sunny kitty warm up sketch.