Floral Feline Warm Up…


My sons are home from school for the third day in a row. I wish it were for snow, but it’s for the temps. We can’t even go out and play, it’s so wickedly frigid! I have a deadline as well, but it’s far enough out that I will have more than enough time to make it. So today, rather than get frustrated that I can’t get done what I “need” to, I’m just drawing other things and enjoying the fact Mom Nature has decided to make some decisions for me. A little La Conga Blicoti and ten minutes later I’ve got sunny kitty warm up sketch.


Happy New Year!

Illustration, Lettering

No resolutions! You’re not a problem that needs resolving. Why would you want to be a completely different person? Think about small goals you can build on to¬†achieve larger ones. Try something small but significant. That could be, say, read one post or article about something you’ve wanted to learn¬†per day. Or, instead of “I’m going to lose twenty pounds,” maybe just take the stairs when you have the opportunity, rather than an elevator or escalator. Get a parking spot farther away so you have to walk that little bit extra. Then try something a little more challenging. If you don’t get the result you want, try something else. Build upward! : ) I want to thank all my friends and family for being in my life, I’m so much better for it! All the best for a wonderful new year!


Fluttering Holly

Print & Patternwork

I had so many challenges with this print. Maybe you’d think I should have just packed it in when it kept corrupting or not saving or whatever else was happening with it. I just couldn’t give up on it, I just thought it was really pretty, so, I recreated it and did not put it in a technical repeat. That actually worked. I think with the textures in each motif, that my system was saying “sorry lady, that is too much.” I added texture at the end, I think it turned out pretty nice. : )