Madman With A Box

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Just a quick update regarding what’s on my needles right now. And I mean needles, lots of them, because I have several projects going at one time. The irony is, I’m a process knitter, which usually doesn’t jive with project knitting, or at least, the idea of project knitting. However, the reason I have many projects going is probably the same reason people have a different book they’re reading in each room (one of our old school’s media center gals did this), there are different “flavors” for different reasons. I keep several projects going, because, I have social knitting (what I’d take to a knitting lunch or waiting in a pick-up line or an appointment) and non-social knitting, where I can’t be distracted while I’m working on it. So, I have a 1×1 rib Purl Soho Boyfriend Hat for my son to use up my sock yarn stash,

a mistake rib throw for my son (it’s completely great tv project),

and a non pattern scarf for social, and Madman With A Box, Goode and

a Knit Picks Santa Pillow for home.

Here’s a bit of the Madman neckwarmer, I’ve ripped it back three times and it’s not even complicated, but color work is a bugger, and finding and correcting mistakes early is pretty important! And, this pattern has a section on the chart that is not symmetrical, so I really have to pay attention. I knit color work inside out, so I get that little bit of extra length in the floats, which takes a little getting used to, but way worth it. This is for a friend of Owen’s (he has a few friends who are Whovians) and I really enjoy knitting these patterns up. I’d also made a, INSULATE! Dalek Hat for another friend, he loved it, and it’s why I knit for friends of my kid. Sometimes, they’re more appreciative than adults.

a : )