Madman With A Box

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Just a quick update regarding what’s on my needles right now. And I mean needles, lots of them, because I have several projects going at one time. The irony is, I’m a process knitter, which usually doesn’t jive with project knitting, or at least, the idea of project knitting. However, the reason I have many projects going is probably the same reason people have a different book they’re reading in each room (one of our old school’s media center gals did this), there are different “flavors” for different reasons. I keep several projects going, because, I have social knitting (what I’d take to a knitting lunch or waiting in a pick-up line or an appointment) and non-social knitting, where I can’t be distracted while I’m working on it. So, I have a 1×1 rib Purl Soho Boyfriend Hat for my son to use up my sock yarn stash,

a mistake rib throw for my son (it’s completely great tv project),

and a non pattern scarf for social, and Madman With A Box, Goode and

a Knit Picks Santa Pillow for home.

Here’s a bit of the Madman neckwarmer, I’ve ripped it back three times and it’s not even complicated, but color work is a bugger, and finding and correcting mistakes early is pretty important! And, this pattern has a section on the chart that is not symmetrical, so I really have to pay attention. I knit color work inside out, so I get that little bit of extra length in the floats, which takes a little getting used to, but way worth it. This is for a friend of Owen’s (he has a few friends who are Whovians) and I really enjoy knitting these patterns up. I’d also made a, INSULATE! Dalek Hat for another friend, he loved it, and it’s why I knit for friends of my kid. Sometimes, they’re more appreciative than adults.

a : )



We Made This…

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My husband and I made this gate. We’d needed a new gate for years, our old one was falling apart, the hinges were  barely hanging on, and we’d thought it had had enough of our Midwest winters and that we wouldn’t get through the next one. Having one huge project in one summer is a lot on anyone’s plate, let alone two! We’d built the new garden at the beginning of the season, and this gate was finishing out the summer. I won’t go into all the details about what we’d done, but feel free to ask me any specific questions in the comments!

Getting the 12′ posts set was one of the hardest things on this project, primarily because we had to take out the old posts. What a bear!



After building the gate frame for both sides and fence pickets sandwiched in the middle, my husband installed the insert. There’s a template, but it’s a little confusing, and it asked for a 9/16″ drill bit, which is odd. Just ask for 1/2″! Still, that’s the size you need… ; )


The pergola for the top was actually easier than it looks, but there is a lot of measuring and cutting. We wanted to keep the end cuts simple. Easy for me, because I didn’t get up on the ladder. Thankful the Mr. had no problem with it!




We decided to only replace the fence on one side…


And, to have a ninebark on the other side, between the post and the house. From a design perspective, I wanted a softer edge instead of a fence on both sides of the gate. With such heavy wood taking up two thirds of the space, we needed something to give the eye a rest, and to incorporate the structure into the yard. We didn’t want it to look like a fortress! ; )


Our house number is the next project, stained glass mosaic. You can bet I’ll be posting those pix too!



Cute Lil Oil Cloth Art Bag!

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Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this cute lil art bag I’d made for a very dear friend (a very late birthday prez), from oil cloth, grosgrain, and a jean jacket (I save all my denim)! I love making things for my friends. They’re each so unique, that I like to give something showing them how much I appreciate that they’re in my life, and a gift that no one else would have. The stone fruit fabrics were part of a theme as I’d sent a little cookbook using stonefruit for the seasons in pies and galettes. I tried to make the pom zipper pull to match the dotted grosgrain at the bottom. Hope all her pencils fit!






RARE Bear Army

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Last week, I’d finished my RARE Bear and sent him off to be stuffed and given to a very courageous kid. I’d found out about this organization through Spoonflower, as they’d had a “sew in” in March. Volunteers sewed up these cute little bears for children who have diseases which, not only is there no cure, but not researched because they’re so rare and the funding just isn’t put into treatments. Click on RARE Bear Army if you’d like to help the cause!