Just A Quick Hello…

Creative Self, Illustration

Here’s a little of a personal project I’ve been working on, I actually have three…Plus I have little tuts to work on, plus I’m adding content to my site to finally launch it. PLUS, I have actual assignments. But just wanted to say a quick ‘hi’ ‘hello’ ‘ola’ ‘bonjour!’



One thought on “Just A Quick Hello…

  1. Hey Andi – I tried to add a comment to the “It’s (Almost) Done!” post, but wasn’t successful so here you go 😉 Yeah, ditto to what everyone has said already. I really love your new design. It’s nice and clean and so welcoming for browsing. It also has a trendy feel to it. Well done! Can’t wait to see your new work once it’s complete.
    P.S. Cute red fox…he’s perfect for valentine’s day 🙂

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