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I cannot believe it’s been just about two months since my last post. Much has happened! I’d had some work from Klutz and Highlights in the early spring, I signed on to a studio (that is a story for another day). Our younger son had been re-evaluated for his autism, and now our older son is the proud owner of a five month old puppy from the Illinois Doberman Rescue. She’s (of course) cute and her name is Guinness (because she’s black and tan). Had she been a red dobe, maybe we would have named her Leinenkugel ; )

Our boys go back to school in four weeks and I don’t believe how fast the summer has flown. Every year I’m dreading after July 4th as the weeks of summer seem to drag, but this year, between camps and a new puppy, and trying deperately to get work done, I feel like I’m scrambling. I’ll be glad to start the new year, as it gives me a chance to not only work uninterrupted, but to also miss my kids. I love hearing about the time they spend away from me. To hear it from a kid’s perspective is so different from a teacher’s (read: adult).

Originally this post was going to be me, going on a rant about about companies making inquiries about pricing and what they can get for the least amount of money. I’d had a couple recently, and they’re really annoying. But instead of devoting my real estate to endless paragraphs about something we all dislike, I’ll just say that if you, a fab company, want to inquire about rates, most illustrators are happy to talk with you, and discuss your needs, and what would work within your budget. It’s worth it to your business to get it right. If cost is really the priority, perhaps clip art or stock art would be your best bet. There is nothing wrong with that…

Anyway, I’d like to get back to some doodling (you really don’t get a lot of time to do it when you have kids), so here’s a photo of our puppy, and some of the work I’ve done recently… The piece on the left is half of a Check and Double Check for Highlights of the Reading Pagoda. I have to say I think I played it too safe on this one. But the pagoda is so detailed, I did not think my regular style was going to work. What do you think? The prints on the right will go to Printsource where they’ll be for sale or licensing.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 8.32.08 PM


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