Show A Little Constraint…And A Little News…

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Wait, is that right? Isn’t it “restraint?” Actually in this case I mean constraint. I am working on a print that is one color printed on white. I was thinking to myself, I needed this constraint. While the design itself is very freeform, I needed to have a border or a parameter wherein I could work. I did that by limiting my color palette. Do you ever find that coming up with a personal project idea from a seemingly infinite array is more difficult than when a client assigns you an idea? That working with a limited palette is actually more idea producing than using twenty or thirty different colors? Sometimes, I find too many colors actually creates fatigue for me. I wonder if maybe it’s because the creative process is a problem-solving one, and by not having constraints, we haven’t narrowed down the challenge enough to be able to solve it. When I have worked with clients who say “go do whatever you like” I find myself asking them if there’s something to stay away from, or something they don’t want to see. This is sometimes easier for them to come up with, because perhaps they also have difficulty narrowing down to what exactly they’re asking me to do. I think process of elimination is kind of like negative space, and can also help solve the design problem. What other ways do you solve design challenges? I’m always looking for ways to improve my process! ; )

Oh, before I forget, I’m on Dribbble! I don’t have a lot there yet, but that’s where all my WIPs will be! I’m /andibutler (like most sites I’m on these days). I am close to getting my new site online, I swear. I came to a decision that I have to, um, *eliminate* or get off the pot, so yes, there’s a shop, and links to both Dribbble, and Spoonflower, as you’ll be seeing me more there as well! I also have a Facebook Public Page, finally! I don’t like to call it a fan page. Fans? Well, I’d like it if people like me, but I don’t post all about me. I actually enjoy promoting my friends (that should be at least 80/20 btw), post newsworthy info for creatives of all types, and I do show things I’m working on. Please stop on by if you get a mo! That’s on FB at /andibutlerstudioandworkshop

Here’s a little two color print that shows up on my latest postcard, which they are all addressed and stamped and ready to go, I just need to finalize the site so the cards have something to point to! ; )

2 thoughts on “Show A Little Constraint…And A Little News…

  1. Interesting points Andi…I have yet to run into that problem, I kind of like the free reign method, but I see what you’re saying. – Marty

  2. Thanks Marty,

    I can only speak for me, and find that if there are too many options, I’m overwhelmed. I like it narrowed a bit, a little more focus, so that I can come to (what I think is) the best resolution to a design problem.

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