One Day I Went Rambling!

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Today, I’m reviewing the most charming story “One Day I Went Rambling” (Bright Sky Press) written by Kelly Bennett and illustrated by Terri Murphy!

Zane is quite the treasure hunter and his wealth comes from his fantastic imagination! Like an archeologist on a dig, he greets every discovery with enthusiasm and grants it a new purpose.

His friends however, need a little help seeing what Zane sees…They don’t realize what they’re missing!

As we follow him on his adventure through his neighborhood, and he excitedly stumbles upon each piece of his new fortune, his friends explain to him what each object “really” is. Zane keeps going, enjoying every moment when he uncovers something new.

Slowly but surely, one by one, Zane’s friends start using their imaginations too!

I loved this story! The children are so sweet to each other, even when they’re teasing Zane. It’s good-natured and funny, and Terri’s illustrations work perfectly with the story. They’re spontaneous and colorful, the expressions on the children are so unique, and I feel like I’m part of the neighborhood too! : )

This story really celebrates the diversity and unpredictability of children in a close-knit community and what they can accomplish when they work together, and have fun!

I hope you’ll check out “One Day I Went Rambling” and you can find more information at Bright Sky Press.

If you’d like to find out more about Kelly and Terri, click on their names to take you to their sites!

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  1. You’re welcome! I love stories for kids that are about kids. Gets them thinking about their own backyards, lives, friends, and what they can do when they work together. I wish you and Terri much success!!

    a : )

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