You Can Fly!


Our older son is in sixth grade, and, we weren’t too keen on him joining a lot of things his school offered (extra-curricular) his first year of middle school. Students already have a ton of distractions, and we didn’t want him committing to something only to quit later when the pressures of homework and wanting to spend time with friends squeezed out those commitments. However, he did express how much he wanted to work on the school musical (this year it’s Peter Pan). I was totally on board, offered a couple suggestions to their Choir Director, and was asked to be their Technical Director.  Absolutely (after making sure I wasn’t going to cramp my kids’ space)!!

Here was one of the projects I took on when one of our parents couldn’t finish (not a judgement, life happens and we don’t always have the time we thought we would). The Jolly Roger… I’d found a black and white graphic online, modified the design in AI, made it way large, tile printed it and taped it all together (covering the entire surface) with transparent packing tape. This enabled me to create a stencil out of the printout that I would then transfer to the felt. I used just an acrylic craft paint, and the inconsistency in the pile gives a really nice vintage look under the stage lights.